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eater_sf August 2 2014, 00:26

Curbed Cuts: House-Hunting for Iron Man; What $2,400/Month Rents You in SF; Danielle Steel's Buxom H


Welcome to Curbed Cuts, where Curbed SF editor Lamar Anderson shares the best real estate and neighborhood news of the week.

photo_patricia%20chang_danielle_steel_hedge.jpg[Photo via Patricia Chang]

PACIFIC HEIGHTS—Romance novelist Danielle Steel doesn't like to draw attention to herself, which is why she has elected to live inside an extremely discrete hedge.

SAN FRANCISCO—Feeling skint? Here's what $2,400/month rents you around San Francisco.

BAY AREA—Did you hear? Tony Stark is moving to San Francisco. We're not sure who his broker is, so we went looking for the perfect Iron Manse.

INNER RICHMOND—The upstairs bedrooms in this Richmond condo are half room, half glass tent.

CORONA HEIGHTS—Due to a technical glitch, Corona Heights was briefly SF's most expensive neighborhood of the year, unloading a three-bedroom condo for $25.25 million.

SoMa—Developer Kilroy has promised not to disband the Flower Mart after all, but we're not sure the battle's over yet.

eater_sf August 2 2014, 00:26

EaterWire: Virgil's Sea Room Turns One; Oakland's Whiskey Rebellion


virgils%20ext.jpgBERNAL HEIGHTS—Though it's only a year old, Virgil's Sea Room has already won a lot of hearts in the Mission/Bernal corridor. Wish them well at tonight's anniversary bash, featuring drink specials, free T-shirts designed by Workshop, and a WesBurger pop-up. It kicks off at 9 pm. [EaterWire]

OAKLAND—If the actual Whiskey Rebellion had been half as fun (or as cheap) as this Oakland event of the same name, we doubt anyone would have instigated it in the first place. Try 60+ whiskies for just $25 during Sunday's Art & Soul festival to raise funds for Oakland Grown. [EaterWire]

OAKLAND—Further Oakland drinking can be had at tomorrow's Urban Wine Xperience, where over 20 urban wineries will pour their creations in Jack London Square, teamed up with local restaurants like Haven, Chop Bar, and Venga Paella, who'll provide paired bites. Tickets are $45. [EaterWire]

MISSION—Another edition of ForageSF's Wild Kitchen goes down this weekend, featuring an all-wild menu of dishes like green garlic pasta, wild halibut, aged duck, and more. Dinner is $90 before tax and tip. [EaterWire]

curbedsf August 2 2014, 00:26

Eater Tastings: Ferry Plaza Seafood and Plin Debut; Yoshi's Sold; Frozen Cocktails to Try; More!


Welcome to Eater Tastings, where Eater SF editor Allie Pape shares the best restaurant and bar news of the week.

Ferry Plaza Seafood. [Photo: Patricia Chang]

NORTH BEACH—It's been another solid week for openings, kicking off with Ferry Plaza Seafood's big move from the Embarcadero to North Beach. Check out their gorgeous new design and updated menu.

MISSION—Another seafood-centric spot making its debut: Plin, from the former head chef of Seven Hills. It lands on Valencia tonight; see photos and the menu.

FILLMORE—Yoshi's has been sold, and jazz and Japanese food are on their way out. Find out what's next for the massive restaurant and music venue.

SAN FRANCISCO—Feeling hot? We've got 14 frozen cocktails around town that will cool you right down, from boozy slushies to alcoholic milkshakes.

OUTER RICHMOND—Outside Lands has a new surprise for fans: they're debuting GastroMagic, a new stage that focuses on all things culinary, with comedians and musicians joining in on the fun.

TENDERNOB—The forthcoming Ravi Kapur/Nopa restaurant now has a name and concept, not to mention one of SF's best bartenders signed up to get behind the stick. Hint: it's going to be a taste of Honolulu.

FINANCIAL DISTRICT/MID-MARKETTwo new Blue Bottle cafes are on the way; one in the FiDi and the other in the Twitter building.

POTRERO HILL/MISSION—Other big debuts this week: Ryan Scott's new Potrero pizza and drinks spot Mason, and the SF debut of hit Berkeley ice-cream sandwich parlor CREAM.

curbedsf August 1 2014, 23:56

Perks of the Job: Inside the Candy-Colored Playroom at Capital One Labs


capital%20one%20labs.png[All photos via Jasper Sanidad]
As the tech industry spreads over SoMa, bringing LED tunnels and deer statuary to the no-longer-particularly-industrial neighborhood, it seems certain that Silicon Valley's corporate kindergarten sensibility is here to stay. We're all tech workers now! New to the party is Capital One Labs—a division of the bank that builds apps for the institution's online customers—which found itself reaching for the Crayola box of corporate-sanctioned fun with a design by Studio O + A, the selfsame folk who revamped the interiors of the old Pac Bell building for Yelp and also occasionally spin the color wheel for Facebook and Square.

For the staircase, the designers chose a hue called Rustic Drama; support beams are Gabled Blue, and the cushions are hot pink. Wall cubbies get to be more than one color at once, because they are decked out in Paul Smith plaid. Since all work in the tech industry must be considered play, familiar objects have been defamiliarized and reintroduced as entirely other things. The couch, which can be found at the top of a ladder, is a treehouse. And that's not a staircase; it's a vertical sculpture! The party stops at the treehouse, though—it's there, in part, to catch stumbly app designers crashing at the end of sleepless "hackathons" that can last up to two days.

· Studio O + A [Official Site]
· The 15 Coolest Offices In Tech: Zynga Office Tour [Business Insider]
· We Took A Tour Inside Twitter's Stylish New San Francisco Headquarters [Business Insider]

curbedsf August 1 2014, 22:23

Turf Wars: On the first day of the...


http://www.sfexaminer.com/sanfrancisco/first-day-of-pilot-program-allowing-shuttles-at-muni-stops-sparks-protest/Content?oid=2864958On the first day of the city's pilot program permitting tech buses to use certain Muni stops for a fee, protesters at 24th and Valencia streets blocked an Apple bus from leaving the curb. One more bus—this one unmarked—was stopped, too. An even-tempered Apple employee was pissed at nobody, Eviction-Free San Francisco was pissed at tech employees, and drivers trying to go south on Valencia were pissed at everyone. [SF Examiner]

eater_sf August 1 2014, 21:55

Week in Reviews: Bauer Sizes Up Slow Club; Roth Has Hope For Red Dog


slowclub.jpg[Photo: Slow Club/Facebook]

The interior of Slow Club "felt shockingly austere" when the restaurant opened 23 years ago, but "it hit the right notes with the early tech set." It's "still going strong" today, and Bauer "so wanted to love the food" when he stopped by for a review. Appetizers like the "perennial go-to" fries and "a good Caesar" heartened Bauer, but "the experience began to fall apart" with overly sweet mussels, an overwrought pork loin and a "misguided combination" of sirloin over salad. Though Bauer's server was "the epitome of cool under pressure," the restaurant seems "woefully understaffed" and the noise level, a perennial Bauer complaint, "rose to almost painful peaks." Desserts like the "exceptional" peach upside-down cake partially redeemed the night, and Bauer says "it's worth a visit for some of the dishes that have remained on the menu through the years," noting that "with a little refinement and restraint, the food could be so much more." Two stars. [Chron]

Anna Roth checked in on Red Dog, which left her contemplating the lost art of the well-balanced entree in a world overtaken by small plates. At Red Dog, Lauren Kiino "understands a thing or two about the art of the entree, a well-composed plate with a protein, a starch, and a vegetable wedded together with sauce," as with dinners like the "beefy" short rib and "nicely cooked" petrale sole. Lunchtime sees the "much-beloved, anchovy butter-laced" warm egg salad sandwich and a "dreamy" little gem lettuce, bacon, and green bean salad, but "things got a little fuzzier as you strayed from the main courses," with "utterly forgettable" chicken wings and an all-wrong panna cotta as the prime offenders. But though "too-bright lights create a cold atmosphere" at dinner and noise levels can get high, "lights can be dimmed, noise can be dampened, and the dinner crowds will eventually come." [SF Weekly]

Mam ruoc, or fermented shrimp paste, underlines what sets Vietnamese spot Bun Mam Soc Trang apart from the rest, according to Luke Tsai's recent review. "Mud-colored and airily mousse-like, the sauce has a salty pungency that commands your attention," but tonier spots won't serve the stuff "for fear that Westerners will find it too stinky." Not so with Tsai, who "embraces the funk," stating "if there's a better Vietnamese restaurant in the East Bay, I haven't found it yet." The tiny, family-run breakfast and lunch spot feels "like a still-undiscovered secret ... despite the fact that on weekends the line for a table often stretches out the door," and "the soupy noodle dishes, in particular, are knockouts," with bun mam so good Tsai "found it difficult to want to order anything else." "This is home-style food prepared the way that a skilled Vietnamese home cook would make it." [EBX]

· All Week in Reviews posts [~ ESF ~]

curbedsf August 1 2014, 21:53

On the Rebound: Warriors Add High-Rises, Draft Snøhetta for Arena Do-Over


sfarena-20130505-8-925.jpgThe Warriors will keep as much as possible from Snøhetta's previous arena design planned for Piers 30-32.
As the Golden State Warriors solidify plans for their new Mission Bay arena, they have announced that the project will include 500,000 square feet of office space. The announcement comes at a time when most developers are concerned that their office plans will fall victim to Proposition M, which limits the amount of office space built in the city each year. The Warriors, however, are worry free: Their two planned 120-foot towers will get preferential treatment under Prop M. The towers will rise in biotech-heavy Mission Bay but would be open to any type of tenant, including tech.

The Warriors had, of course, originally planned to move to Piers 30-32 but came up against opposition to waterfront development. In the move to Mission Bay, they have opted to stay with their original architect, Snøhetta, and the firm will attempt to keep as many of the elements from the original plan as can work on the new site. The new design will not, however, include the hotel and housing that had been part of the vision for Piers 30-32.

· Warriors add 500,000 square feet of office space to Mission Bay arena project [SF Business Times]
· Warriors re-up with arena architect team [SF Business Times]
· Startup Disk Full [Curbed SF]
· Previous Coverage of the Warriors Arena [Curbed SF]

eater_sf August 1 2014, 20:22

Rebirths: A lengthy closure for renovations had...


talbotcaferemodel.jpgA lengthy closure for renovations had fans of Hayes Valley's Talbot Cafe concerned that it was gone for good, but never fear: it's returned today with a new look and new menu. Sightglass coffee is now pouring, Three Twins ice cream is getting scooped up, and there's a weekly lunch special (currently a chickpea ragu with rosemary rice). Stop by and check out the revamp, including new tables and a refinished floor. [Hoodline]

curbedsf August 1 2014, 20:21

Curbed Maps: Mid-Market Map Update: 36 Projects Revitalizing the Area


Mid-Market Map Update: 36 Projects Revitalizing the Area
Though many areas of San Francisco have seen their fair share of changes these past few years, none have turned around more radically than San Francisco's Mid-Market district. Just three years ago, it would have been nearly impossible to fathom just how quickly change would come to the beleaguered corridor. Now, it's common knowledge that it's the place to be, if you're a property developer, that is. Much like last year's map, today's feature rounds up a flurry of projects, 36 to be precise, in varying stages of development, and offers a handy overview of the Mid-Market madness. We bid adieu to properties that have graduated from the list and no longer appear (see ya, AVA) and welcome some newbies to the hood (hey there, Bjarke!). Know of any upcoming projects that aren't featured on today's map, but are worthy of a spot? Comment below or drop us a line.

· Mid-Market Map Update: 40 Projects Revitalizing the Area
[Curbed SF]
· Updating the Map of Mid-Market Revitalization Projects [Curbed SF]
· Here Now, a Map of 26 Mid-Market Revitalization Projects
[Curbed SF]
curbedsf August 1 2014, 20:21

Slow Connection: A plan to provide 31 city...


chrome%20dino.pngA plan to provide 31 city parks with free Wi-Fi courtesy of a grant from Google was supposed to be complete by April of this year. But approvals from the Board of Supervisors and the Recreation and Park Department didn't come until April, so the Wi-Fi has only made its way to 10 testing sites—primarily in rec centers—so far. Rec & Park says to expect further updates this fall. [Hoodline]

eater_sf August 1 2014, 19:52

Coming Attractions: Mission Chinese Food Chef Starting a New Mission Pop-Up, Pink Zebra, in Tao Yin



While Danny Bowien has spent most of his time in recent years launching the NYC branch of Mission Chinese Food, his longtime cooking cohort Jesse Koide has been quietly running the ship at the SF original. But now it's time for Koide to go out on his own, with a restaurant named for the fabric in his favorite kitchen headwrap: Pink Zebra. As Inside Scoop reports, Pink Zebra will take up Mission Chinese's hermit-crab mantle, sharing space with another area Chinese takeout joint, Tao Yin, five nights a week. The menu will be a fusion of Japanese and Mediterranean flavors. Tao Yin will continue to coexist within the space, as Lung Shan did in the days before MCF gobbled it up altogether.

The menu is still being worked out, but diners can expect some sort of omakase offering from Koide and fellow chef Rio Sakai, with hot and cold izakaya-style dishes served in the dining room. Koide's own cooking experience has been about equally split between Japanese (Moshi Moshi, Blowfish Sushi) and European (Bar Tartine, Farina), and he hopes to incorporate both elements at a price point similar to MCF's. Pink Zebra will actually make its debut in the lead-up to the MAD Symposium in Copenhagen, as a pop-up with Mikkeller, before debuting in SF sometime in October. Meanwhile, Chris Kiyuna, chef of Mission Bowling Club, is stepping in to take Koide's place in MCF SF's kitchen, and is working with Bowien to develop some new menu items. It remains unclear if Pink Zebra is the Koide-centric second SF project Bowien announced earlier this year, or if Bowien's now moving forward on a second project sans Koide. Mission Chinese Food has yet to respond to a request for comment.

Update, 4:04 pm: Koide got in touch to say that while he has Bowien's blessing, Bowien is not directly involved in the Pink Zebra project. "It's going to be a completely separate project that [Mission Chinese Food co-founder] Anthony Myint and I set up...while it will be similar [to MCF] in that we will share the space with Tao Yin, it's not the project that Danny talked about last year."

· Pink Zebra Copenhagen [Official website]
· Danny Bowien Plotting Second SF Restaurant [~ ESF ~]
· All Mission Chinese Food coverage [~ ESF ~]

curbedsf August 1 2014, 18:35

Ready, Set, Sell: There are two development sites in...


Steelblue3.jpgThere are two development sites in the Transbay District that remain unclaimed, and they may be up for sale sooner than expected to take advantage of the current hot market. Parcel F, which could hold a 750 foot tower, and Block 4, which could have up to 590 housing units, were not supposed to hit the market until 2016. However, the Transbay Joint Powers Authority is now considering taking early bids or moving up the RFP release, although construction couldn't actually begin on either of the sites until 2018. [SF Business Times]

curbedsf August 1 2014, 18:35

On the Market: OMG: 1-Bedroom Penthouse at the Millennium Lists for $2.5M


A one-bedroom penthouse at the Millennium Tower has officially just become the city's most expensive one-bedroom currently for sale by listing for $2.5 million. Although it's no match for the one-bed at Nob Hill's Clay-Jones building that went on the market for $4.495 million last year (but never found a buyer), or another one-bed at the Millennium that sold for $2.688 million back in June, this penthouse is still asking a pretty pricey penny. It offers 1,633 square feet of space, floor-to-ceiling windows that will one day look out over the Transbay Terminal's rooftop park—if it gets built—and all the bonuses that come with living in the amenity-rich Millennium. We're talking a Sports Club LA-managed fitness center, a lap pool, and a private screening room. The penthouse last sold for a measly $1.4 million back in 2012.

· Transbay Troubles [Curbed SF]
· 301 Mission Street Penthouse 6 [Redfin]
· San Francisco's Most Expensive One-Bedroom Gets Sent to the Chopping Block [Curbed SF]
· San Francisco's Most Expensive One-Bedroom Gets a Price Cut [Curbed SF]

eater_sf August 1 2014, 18:10

OPENING ALERT: CREAM's Ice Cream Sandwiches Hit 16th and Valencia


3106 16th St. (at Valencia), Mission
Phone: (415) 400-4551
Web: creamnation.com
Status: Grand opening tomorrow

Just in time to usher in the month of August, tomorrow is the official grand opening of CREAM, the San Francisco expansion of the mega-hit Berkeley ice-cream sandwich shop. Housed in the former Ti Couz Too space at 16th and Valencia, the spot joins recent 16th Street additions Chino and ABV for an infusion of new energy on the block. And if the original is any indication, you can expect an infusion of new lines as well.

The menu features 20 ice cream flavors like banana fudge walnut, butter pecan, strawberry cheesecake and matcha green tea, plus some dairy-free options like soy mint chip. Choose from a selection of 10 warm cookie varieties to pair with your ice cream choice, like white chocolate macadamia nut, snickerdoodle, double chocolate chip, and gluten-free and vegan options. Floats, milkshakes, and malts will also be on offer. (Here's the menu.)

The new shop, which has a long and narrow layout, features a blue-and-white color scheme and menus displayed on wall-mounted monitors. Hours will follow a late-night format that's sure to appeal to Mission bar-hoppers: CREAM will be open Sunday-Thursday from noon to midnight, and Friday and Saturday from 12pm-2am.

It should also be noted to that to celebrate their grand opening tomorrow, CREAM will be serving free ice cream sandwiches from noon-8pm, so stop by within that timeframe to welcome them to the neighborhood.

· CREAM Bringing Ice Cream Sandwiches to the Mission [~ ESF ~]
· ABV, An All-Star Mission Cocktail Bar with Bites [~ ESF ~]
· Chino, Quirky-Cool Asian Fare in the Mission [~ ESF ~]
· All Opening Alerts [~ ESF ~]

eater_sf August 1 2014, 17:40

Expansion Wire: Berkeleyites who love Japanese-style curry will...


Screen%20Shot%202014-08-01%20at%2010.20.42%20AM.pngBerkeleyites who love Japanese-style curry will be pleased to know that popular SF and Los Altos spot Muracci's is planning to open a third location there, in a still-undisclosed space on Telegraph near the Cal campus. A larger kitchen will allow for some new plates and lunch specials, but the 20-hour-simmered curry will remain the star. If all goes according to plan, expect it in mid-August. [SFoodie]

eater_sf August 1 2014, 17:10

Listage: Behind the Scenes at Arizmendi; Pabu's Cocktails

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